Friday, May 9, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver - Dustmites

Hi Everyone!  Once again the topic of dustmites has come up.  So I thought I would share an article with you that appeared previously on my blog but is worth putting out there again.

Dustmites! What are they and what can be done about them?

I often think that homeowners would become more fanatical about cleanliness if they new just what was hiding in their furniture and carpets.  One such character is Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes or the North American Dust Mite.

So, what is a dust mite exactly?  Well, basically, they are tiny microscopic creatures that live off of dead skin and hair.  You should also know that there are, potentially, millions of them in your home.. In fact, a couple of hundred thousand of them will typically be found in a square meter of carpet.  Several million will take up residence in a mattress!

Since they live off of the dead skin and hair we shed each day of our lives, they tend to concentrate in areas where we tend to lounge or spend a significant amount of time. Mattresses, sofas, living room carpets tend to be favorite haunts for this beast.  Interesting Fact!! : Humans shed up to 10 grams of skin each week!

Dust Mite-Asthma Trigger

Some of you are probably equating dust mites to bed bugs about now.  They're not the same. Dust mites aren't known for carrying diseases or having a bite that is toxic in any way. However, the proteins that are found in their feces, their dead carcasses and the dead skin cells and hair they digest are a primary irritant to people with allergies or asthma.

The symptoms of such allergies are sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, difficulty breathing etc.

So, Dave, what can we do to get rid of these little pests?

Well, there are a number of things that I could suggest.
- Clean daily (or at least every few days)
-Wash bedding in very hot water
-Consider using a plastic matttress cover
-Use synthetic fabrics . Dust mites love wool!
-keep the humidity in your home lower.
-Replace your furnace filters monthly.  If you have washable filters, clean monthly.

And, of course, have your carpets and upholstery steamcleaned regularily by SmithWerks Carpet Cleaning in North Vancouver and West Vancouver  604-924-0518

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver - The Ventana, North Vancouver

Once again SmithWerks has cleaned the common area carpets at the Ventana in North Vancouver!  Are you interested in having the carpets at your strata professionally cleaned?  Call the experts and SmithWerks Commercial Carpet Cleaning in West Vancouver 604-924-0518

Carpet Cleaning Vancouver - Area Rug Cleaning

Did you know that SmithWerks Carpet Cleaning Vancouver can carefully clean your valuable area rugs?  Yes, have the professionals at SmithWerks pick up and skillfully clean your rugs.  We service the North Shore and Vancouver.  British India, Persian, Oriental.  All handled with the utmost care.

Call today for an estimate and to book your appointment! 604-924-0518

Monday, December 23, 2013

SmithWerks Carpet Cleaning Vancouver - Time to Think About Getting the Office Carpets Cleaned Before the New Year!

Did you know that many offices chose to have SmithWerks clean the office carpets and furniture during the period between Christmas and New Years? Start the New Year off right and present a bright sparkling office to your customers and clients. Call us for a quote and to book your carpet or upholstery cleaning. 604-924-0518

North Vancouver Carpet Cleaning

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vancouver Carpet Cleaning By SmithWerks - Filtration Marks

One of the most challenging issues that carpet cleaners and home owners have to deal with are filtration stains.  These are those unsightly black lines that run along your baseboards or, quite often, under doors leading into closets or rooms.

So what are they? How are they caused? And, what can be done to remove them?

Well, the answer to what they are is simple.  Air in your home travels.  In homes that have forced air heating and cooling, the issue of filtration marks can be more acute.  There is a gap, typically, between the wall and the floor joists of a building.  As air circulates around the house, it finds its way to this gap.  As the air passes through the gap, your carpet acts like a filter, picking up dust, pollutants and soot.  The same effect occurs under doors leading to rooms or closets.

As this soiling accumulates, it starts to "scratch" or etch the carpet fibre.  As an unfortunate result, these marks, quite often , cannot be fully removed.  The degree to which the stains will be removed is dependent upon the length of time the soiling has been allowed to accumulate, the type of pollutants present and the volume of air flow.

Your SmithWerks professional can help determine the likelihood of full removal of these stains.

Steps to prevent the formation or filtration lines would include proper sealing of the gap between floor and wall joists prior to the installation of carpets.  Regular vacuuming with particular attention to the carpet immediately next to the baseboards using your vacuum's edging tool.  Be careful not to scratch your baseboard paint.

When you are ready to have your carpets or upholstery professionally cleaned, call SmithWerks Vancouver Carpet Cleaning

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Customer Service - The Key to our Success

We've heard it many a time.  Great customer service keeps them coming back year after year.  We've also heard that when we receive great customer service we tell one or two of our friends.  However, when we are the recipients of bad customer service, we tell a dozen people.  Ask anybody who works in the customer service department of a retail operation, and they'll tell you they hear more from people with complaints than those who just want to call up and say "good job".

Which ever line of thinking you subscribe to, providing excellent customer service is essential.

At SmithWerks North Vancouver Carpet Cleaning, we believe that our more than 14 years of stellar success can be rooted firmly in our commitment to providing our customers with a fantastic customer service experience from the initial phone call right to our follow up call after you've had us in to clean your carpets or upholstery.

If you'd like, we've documented some of the feedback we've received from our clients on our website .

Remember to call SmithWerks North Vancouver Carpet Cleaning when you're ready for your next carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SmithWerks Vancouver Carpet Cleaning - The Vogue, North Vancouver

SmithWerks Vancouver Carpet Cleaning is pleased to announce that we will be cleaning the common area carpets at the Vogue in North Vancouver.  Any residents wanting their own in-suite carpets cleaned at their own expense should contact SmithWerks at 604-924-0518.